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Lauren is the creative force behind the Lauren Poss Photography's Business Buddies project. Pairing up local businesses with kids with Down syndrome, the Business Buddies initiative strives to create a world in which differences are celebrated and inclusion and acceptance are the norm. Her work has been featured on WTVY news, the Enterprise Ledger, and of course in numerous businesses in Enterprise, Dothan, and the surrounding area.

"On Feburary 19, 2018 our 3rd baby and first son, Bowen Rives Poss was born. After an emergency c-section and traumatic birth, we learned that our sweet boy came with a little something extra - he had Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome. It was in that moment this story began, we just didn't know it yet. 


Fast forward to a year later, and after a super fun photoshoot I did for Bowen's 1st birthday was featured in our local Chick-fil-a store, I started dreaming up ideas for themed photoshoots for other local businesses and stores using our friends with Down syndrome as models. My hope was that by posting super cute portraits all over town, by the time our kids are older, it will be perfectly normal for their friends and classmates to see and recognize people with Down Syndrome in the community and that they will be 100% accepted for who they are!

The support from other small business owners in our town has been overwhelming! When asked if they would be willing to display one of the portraits in their store, no one hesitated to say "YES! We would LOVE to!" We've had a blast designing and shooting the sets, and we're only just getting started!"

As of now, there are 26 amazing Business Buddies portraits displayed in the Enterprise/Dothan/Wiregrass area, and we have more to come! We want to say a HUGE GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all of the businesses that have stepped up and said YES to celebrating inclusion and acceptance with us! 

If you own a business in the Wiregrass area and are interested in partnering with LPP Business Buddies, send us a message! We can work together to create your very own custom themed photoshoot for your store, too!


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